Sunday, February 10, 2013

Unsolved Mysteries

When I was a kid, I remember most Wednesday nights were spent on the couch with my parents watching Unsolved Mysteries...and then I would head to bed and lay there completely frozen in fear as I imagined all the murderers and other criminals featured on the show were just outside my bedroom window. I'm not sure why I chose to watch the show when I knew it scared the living daylights out of me but week after week I would make the same choice.

Now, you're probably wondering what how I spent Wednesday nights about 25 years ago has to do with anything. Well, the past few weeks my 8 year old has ended up in our bed several times. He says he hears footsteps on the stairs and he's scared someone has broken into the house. This is the first time in about 5 years that he has wanted to sleep with us and I can't figure out why he is suddenly so scared.

It doesn't really bother me that he wants to sleep with us. My thirteen year old acts like giving me a hug is pure torture so I know that these snuggly moments are fleeting. It does bother me that he's scared and that it's affecting his sleep (and that if he keeps growing we are going to have to upgrade to a king sized bed!). I've been talking to him about all the precautions we take so no one will break into our house to try and ease his mind, so hopefully he gets over it soon.

Do your older kids ever want to sleep in your bed? Do you think there's an age when you should stop letting them?

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