Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Year, Same Old Me (Only Better!)

Most years I make a New Year's resolution. It usually involves completely changing my life in one way or another and I usually fail miserably and give up within a week or two. So this year I've decided to do things a little differently. I am going to make small changes that are easy to do and will hopefully add up to making me happier and healthier overall.

My first change has been adding more veggies and fibre to my families diet. In the winter it can be hard to find good quality fresh produce but Green Giant always has high quality frozen and canned vegetables available at your local grocery store and all the prep work is done so it is super easy to add them into your favorite dish. Life Made Delicious has a great list of 10 ways to get your daily fibre with some helpful tips that I've been using.

Another change I've made is parking at the far side of the parking lot. It's a tiny change but it means I'm walking more and it also helps relieve the stress of racing to an open spot only to have someone pull in right before you. There are surprisingly few people vying for spots way at the back of the lot!

The third change I've made is I bought a dry erase board for the fridge. I'm using it to meal plan and keep track of my daily to-do list. I've thought about meal planning many times but it always seemed like such a big undertaking. Now, I am just jotting down healthy meals for each day on Sunday and going grocery shopping on Monday to make sure I have everything for the week. It is surprisingly easy and I love not having to decide what to make each day. My grocery bill has decreased and the kids love being able to see what we are having all week.

My fourth change is to stop using plastic baggies. I made this decision after gong through a box of 100 baggies in a little over two weeks! With my sons and husband taking lunch to school and work, it was just becoming so wasteful so I decided I'm not buying anymore. It has been a very easy transition! If you are still using baggies, why not give it a try for a week and see just how easy it is to live without them.

The last change I've made came about because of the Fibre 1 Chill Challenge. On February 29th, The Running Room is hosting a day for everyone to get out and be active for 20 minutes. You can run or walk and the first 10000 registrants will receive a free toque at the event. You can register online here.
When I mentioned this event to two of my friends and asked if they wanted to attend with me, we decided not only would we attend but we would do a 20 minute walk three mornings per week this winter. We are meeting right after the kids go to school, no matter the weather, on Monday Wednesday and Friday to do a 20 minute walk around our neighbourhood. I love that a small idea has turned into something bigger! Why not invite some of your friends or family to attend Fibre 1 Chill Challenge? If you plan to attend in Edmonton let me know and maybe we can connect there.

Have you made any resolutions this year? If so how are they going?

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  1. Kids especially boys like to play toys. They can even spend hours and hours playing.

  2. The park and walk thing I try to do but in the winter I have had time doing it.

    I also menu plan over on :) Usually up Monday would love you to come put your link in the comment section :)

    Good luck with all your goals!

  3. I think it is great the The Runnning Room is doing this challenge.

  4. I love your meal plannin resolution ,that is one i should do aswell.. I hate having to decide what to make for dinner every night

  5. I have made a couple of resolutions. I want to continue on my wellness journey and keep losing weight. I've lost 60lbs so far (went off track at Christmas for a few days), but I'm back on track now!

    Anne Taylor

  6. I have no resolutions...I always seem to break them within the first week of the year! Good luck with your resolutions!! :)

  7. My resolution was to try to not stress the small stuff so much and thankfully, it's going great so far.

  8. I tend to make vague NY resolutions. However there are choices to be made and I keep some and continue with other behavior. I am a work in progress still.

  9. I have made a few resolutions. It's going OK. Sometimes I slip and I am always angry when I do so at least I am conscience of my slip ups and get right back on track!


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