Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Gifts in Review

I plan to blog a bit this month about the gifts that my boys received for Christmas that were hits or misses. Although my kids are grateful for all they receive, many times a gift is a thrill at first because of packaging and hype but quickly gets pushed to the bottom of the toy box and forgotten about. So I want to look at what was worth the money and what really wasn't as far as Christmas spending goes.

Today, I'm focusing on the gift that was a huge hit although not really a toy - the Ipod Touch. My boys each received one along with a Sony docking station. My husband and I each have a Touch and love them and my boys always want to borrow them. I hemmed and hawed about getting these because of the expense combined with how fragile they are. At first I considered only getting one for my oldest but then decided having an item that needs to be taken extra good care of would be a good lesson for both of them.

My boys happened to open the docking stations first and thought they were just alarm clocks and quickly moved on to see what else Santa had brought. When they finally opened the Ipods they were ecstatic...and the feeling still hasn't worn off! They have used them every single day since Christmas. The docking stations were definitely a wise investment as well. Keeping the Ipods on the docks mean they are always charged and we were able to get rid of alarm clocks and stereos, saving space in the kids rooms.

They have had a great time exploring the Itunes App Store and testing out games. It's nice that there are so many free and trial apps and tons of educational ones. Even when they want to buy a game, the prices are exceptional compared to video game systems and Santa was nice enough to stuff the stockings with some Itunes gift cards!

Overall I would say these were the favorite gift this year and well worth the money. The Ipod Touch retails for $199 but between sales and redeeming gift cards from rewards programs, I ended up paying $130 for one Ipod and $85 for the other. The Sony docking station retails for $119 but I got them on a Cyber Monday sale for $67 each.


  1. It sounds like you & your family had a very successful Christmas! I agree with you about the money spent on the iPod touch; well worth it in my opinion!

    Anne Taylor

  2. My daughter got one for her birthday shortly before Christmas and I have one too.....they really are awesome! She skypes with her two best girlfriends a lot. There is always a floating head around the room

  3. I is definetly worth it to spend alittle bit more money on a present if they use it alot..
    Alot of my daughters toys she gets is only played with on christmas day.. lol


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